27-28TH September - PRE-TOUR

The tour will start with a visit to the impressive Palace of the Parliament, also known as the House of the People, which is the second-largest administrative building in the world. This architectural masterpiece was built during the Communist era, and it is a testament to the grandiosity of the Ceausescu regime. The guided tour will take you through the main halls of the palace, where you will have the opportunity to admire the opulent decorations and learn about the history and significance of this iconic building.
- Visit Prahova Salt Mine - Meeting of Councilors;
- Visit Cantacuzino Castle;
- Arrive in Brasov at 5 pm at Aro Hotel;

28TH September

Homeparty at Sacele

29TH September

Historical city tour – Schei Gate, Weavers' Bastion, Synagogue, String Street, Black Church organ concert;
Lunch- in the city center (Hunger and Lust Brewery)
Welcome party - Hotel 3 Stejari


- ACI meeting - Hotel Aro
- Lunch in the city center (Hunger and Lust Brewery)
- Gala dinner-Q-events


- Excursion in Transylvania: Rasnov, Bran Castle
- Lunch